On The Issues

Spencer Roach is a 10th Amendment Conservative, meaning he understands that the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution are reserved “to the people.” He believes that the federal administrative state has become populated by unelected bureaucrats who exert ever-increasing control of government functions that are reserved to the states. A strong state legislature is necessary to check federal government overreach.

Jobs and Economy

Spencer believes in the power of free market competition to spur innovation and economic growth. He will fight against governmental policies that seek to redistribute wealth or pick winners and losers in the marketplace.


As a career Coast Guard officer, Spencer recognizes that our waterways are both an environmental and economic necessity to our community. He is committed to restoring and protecting our water quality and fighting to ensure our estuaries are preserved.

Child Welfare

Spencer believes in protecting life at all ends of the spectrum, and believes that we must do more to protect children in the dependency court system. As a volunteer Guardian ad Litem he is familiar with the challenges and strains on the system, and he is devoted to protecting those without voices or choices.

2nd Amendment

Spencer will fight to protect the 2nd Amendment from those who seek to take away guns from law abiding American citizens. Spencer is the only candidate in this race to receive an AQ rating from the NRA based on his strong support for the 2nd Amendment.


Spencer has a profound respect for the value of learning a trade. He believes more focus needs to be placed on trade schools and technical training in high schools. Young adults who choose not to go to college should have a meaningful career path rather than a series of low-skilled, minimum wage jobs for the rest of their lives.


Spencer is unswerving in his support for veterans and his desire for Florida to become the most veteran-friendly state in the nation. As our warriors leave military service and transition into civilian life, Spencer wants to ensure that Florida is the best place for them to get an education, start a business, raise their family, and build or buy their first (and all future) homes.